The assembly department performs different types of subcontracting work, such as partial assembly, terminal programming, packing or assembling kits. We take on jobs where repair or revision is needed in cases where the customer’s professional staff don’t have the time. Our professional instructors review all work to ensure that the outgoing products always meet the customer’s requirements.

Contact information for assembly work

Kati Läspä
head of assembly
+358 44 088 9721

Eero Keltto
head of metal production
+358 (0)50 583 5594

We also take care of product development and offer tailor-made solutions. Our experienced team produces everything from single products to large product series, always with high delivery reliability.

Finvacon Ltd
Runsorintie 10-12
65380 Vaasa

Kati Läspä
production manager
+358 (0)44 088 9721

Questions about our metal production?

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