At a competitive level, we produce the quality that meets the customer’s needs while taking environmental impact into account.

The Strongest in Finland AA 2021 | asiakastieto.fi
AAA Highest Creditworthiness

Our aim is

  • to manufacture products that perfectly conform to order
  • high customer satisfaction
  • a zero-fault principle in both internal and external deliveries
  • to reduce environmental impact on soil, air, and water


We monitor our operations and their development regularly using multiple quality indicators and studies of environmental considerations. We continuously improve our operations and are committed to preventing damage to the environment based on the knowledge provided by our monitoring systems.

We keep our personnel and stakeholders informed about the objectives of our operations and their results and in all our operations, always observing legal obligations and regulations as well as environmental requirements.

We are now APQP4Wind Qualified! We take great pride in our ecological awareness. Just recently, we’ve enabled various members of our staff to take part in APQP4Wind training together with DNV, ensuring that we, as a company, stay true to our values and goals.

Finvacon Ltd
Gneissikuja 1E
65300 Vaasa

Eero Keltto

Eero Keltto
head of metal production
+358 (0)50 583 5594

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